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You also find pictures of our puppies on each litters side.

The girls take a bath in the pond, the summer in July is hot, hot!

Duckling's JR Just No Regrets and Duckling's JR Just Very Bright
with small friend Hugo in St. Moritz.

"Vilje" Duckling's JR Just Cumin 14 years old, with mum Kari-Kristine.

The captains name is "Dunder" Duckling's JR Just No Worries.

Duckling's JR Just Saffron has become a true sailor girl, here with her human mum Git.

Visitors always welcome, the dogs never get enough of attention.

The cherrie tree in full bloom. Do your job small bees!

Waiting for Santa, we have been good!
December 2020

"Dockan" CH Duckling's JR Just Doxy By Tux soon 12 years old, is here for a visit.
She enjoys the company of Rumba and her grandchild young Ticky.

Bathing in August in our private pool!!

January 2020, no snow, but wet, wet, wet! Much rain and green fields
that the many swans enjoy!

Rumba and Ticky, partners in crime!

Orange and daughter Ticky on mice hunt among the strawbales.

So much fun in the pond!

Shall we dance? Saffy and Ticky take a turn in the lovely weather of May.

Ticky proud to be a big girl on the coach!

All together the first day of February 2019.

Christmas time, anything for us? Grandfather Bosse and his grandchildren Moltas and Ticky.

The dogs on field with fall sowing, Rumba, Orange and Saffron.

Autumn is here...
Sunset in July 2018 in the World Heritage site of the Agricultural Landscape
of Southern Öland. View from the garden, precious!

Hot, hot, hot in July, nice with a bath!

The cherry tree is full of fruit, yummy says Ida.

See the cherry in Rumba's mouth, little Saffron will try to find one.
And spring came early and warm and Rumba learnt how to swim.

Smallest girl Rumba 5 months.

Olga and Katie.

Winter February 2018.

How many are there?

Run, run.. as fast as you can!

Jilly and Matilda.

Billie, in whelp?
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