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Summer walk.

Welcome to the Duckling website.
After breeding Labrador Retrievers since 1974, do I now breed FCI Jack Russell Terriers registered in the Swedish Kennel Club. The first litter of JRT was born in 2004.

I concentrate on a small scale breeding of JRTs with origin from Australian Baylock, Malung och Otwaymist bloodlines.
My aim has always been to breed sound and healthy dogs that follow the Breed Standard and is a pleasure to own for their owners.

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With style and energy!

In 1974 I had the opportunity to buy my first dog. I chose a Labrador Retriever, they seemed to have everything I was looking for in a dog, with their never ending "will to please."
In 1976 the first litter was born and it gave me the appetite for more! The puppies got names on the letter A. In the second litter 1977, Duckling's Blackbird was born and her genes have been present in all my Labradors.

I have never been a big producer of puppies and I have always kept my bitches in my own home, so in 1987 when I had the bad luck to get prcd-PRA on Duckling's Jetbird, it was a disaster. Today we luckily have a DNA-based test for this disease.
Thanks to Lotta Håkansson, at Loving Will's Kennel, who had bought a nice bitch Duckling's Eaglet from me and bred on her, I could pick up my old bloodlines and continue my breeding.

Four generations
Proud Kajsa Varg, Duckling's Oldbird,
Duckling's Jetbird, Duckling's Blackbird.

My Labradors have never been of the heavy type and they all have been quite independent in their way to work.

The splitting of the Labrador into a "Field Trial type" and a "Show type" was sad and I was not very active at Shows and Trials the last years.

A big dog in a small package!

I have always been dealing with horses, I have been horseback riding since I was a kid. And where there are horses, there are Jack Russell Terriers.
When I bought my first Jack Russell in 2001, I had no breeding plans, but the authorization of the breed by FCI and SKC the same year made it possible.

Although England is the country of origin, Australia is the country of developement for the FCI Jack Russell Terrier and I have had the chance to import four Jack Russell puppies from Australia. Thank you to Mrs Lynette Brown at MacBraedly for MacBraedly Kid Galahad and MacBraedly Darkpassage and to Mrs Marnie Thornton and Mrs Janet Hamblin at Jarnee, for sending Jarnee/JR Just Jillaroo and Jarnee/JR Just A Matilda to Sweden.

Australian Jack Russell history

Summer 1999.
Manymills Hokum, Granit and Christina.

A flexible Labrador is a good company, when going horseback riding. My last horse Granit, a Swedish Warmblood, was 14 years old when I bought him in 1996 and he became 20 years of age.

You learn a lot about gait, dealing with horses. Good conformation gives a good gait, both in horses and dogs.
See my horses here.

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