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In 1965 Mrs Mavis Roycroft of the renowned equestrian family imported the male Hardy JRI-5 and the female Kiss Me Kate JRI-6, both Duke of Beaufort Hunt and Duchess of Bedford's Hunt bloodlines. Soon to follow in 1969 were the male Shandy JRI-8 and female Judy JRI-7 from Eastleigh Hunt.
None of these dogs carried a pedigree but could readily have been followed up, if the effort had been made, as they came from reputable sources.
In the 70's the Roycrofts brought out Hutch JRI-20 from the Norrises of Maidenhead. Hutch provided sorely needed outcross blood as Mrs Roycroft did not inbreed and had by now used all the combinations possible with her previous imported stock. Josephine JR531, a Johnnie - Jill bitch, was also obtained from Noel Wettenhall.

The Roycrofts remained outside the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Australia, but their dogs influence on it has been considerable.

Bill and Mavis Roycroft
Bill Roycroft is a former Olympic equestrian champion
who competed for Australia in five Olympic Games.

JRTs from the Norrises of Maidenhead, UK.
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