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Eartha has had two litters of puppies with Marianne Dunne in Ireland
under the Krisbo's prefix and she is Irish Champion.

Elton with his prize rosettes.

Ella is focusing.

In the end of July, Ella finally met her new master "over there".

Ella Fitz

Elvis Costello

Elton John

Eric Clapton

Eddie and Eartha, she has a pine cone in her mouth. ;-) Eddie now lives in UK.

Two have moved... the rest are exploring the paddock with halfsister Nora.

Seven weeks old, finally a little warmer and can be outdoors.

Mum and dad have a good apetite,
so do we!!

Four weeks old. Mum and dad clean
up after their little ones :-)

 All up on their legs. Adorable!

Three weeks old

Proud mum

One week old.


Eddie Elton

Duckling's JR Just Eddie The Clown

Duckling's JR Just Elton John
Elvis Eric

Duckling's JR Just Elvis Costello

Duckling's JR Just Eric Clapton


Eartha Ella

Duckling's JR Just Eartha Kitt

Duckling's JR Just Ella Fitz

AUCH Gayregal Fire Water born 1991.

AUCH Gayregal Fire Water is a well known stud dog in many Australian pedigrees. He was called "Plonk" and was owned by Baylock Kennels. His clownface still pops up in many litters, also now here with me. His most prominent offsprings are AUGRCH Coleann Brown Lagar and AUCH Malung/JR Moonshine.

Updated 2010-11-01
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